Future Horizons was set up in 2008 in recognition of the need to provide safe and emotionally supportive transitional support to young people leaving care.

Future Horizons is owned and operated by Philip McVay and Amanda Knowles who both have extensive experience in the field of specialist residential care for young people with complex needs who display challenging behaviour.

Working together since 2002, Phil and Amanda share a vision that understands the impact of adverse childhood experiences, benefits from relevant research and acknowledges the importance of relationships, positive role models and support networks. It is from these roots that Future Horizons was formed in 2008 to provide transitional support to this vulnerable group.

Historical supporters of The Care Leavers Foundation and now The Rees Foundation Phil and Amanda aspire to deliver improved life chances by encouraging active participation in care leaver initiatives, access to inspirational care leavers and through the development of innovative services.

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